Principal's Message

Robert Newstead

It is indeed with great pleasure I send this message to the Web Page of Newstead Girls’ College. I consider it a privilege to be able to hold office as the Head of this great institution founded in 1816. Newstead Girls’ College is the largest established Girls’ National School in Negombo and remains one of the most prestigious and progressive colleges in the Gampaha District.

We have a long tradition of welcoming and recognising the contributions and sacrifices made by the past principals and teachers to the academic and social life of our college.

We also take pride in revealing that we as a school have kept friendly relationship and formed valuable links with our neighbouring schools. Education is in fact one of Sri Lanka’s biggest social investments. But unless we make our students genuine seekers of knowledge, we may remain ignorant citizens of this country. The goal of every child should be the search for knowledge, not merely getting high marks at a final exam. Our teachers take their teaching responsibility seriously. Teaching quality is regularly monitored and student feedback is encouraged.

Newstead Girls’ College does not project a singular academic focus but provides opportunities by which any student of our college can unlock and discover their unique creative potential. We believe that true education means the harmonious development of physical, mental and social development. Keeping students in touch with reality and helping them gain an awareness of the social and cultural diversity in which they live, is one aspect that is seriously addressed.

Since Newstead Girls’ College began its life in the nineteenth century, it has gone from strength to strength. No one should lose sight of those standards set place at the very inception of the college.

When we consider how the world has changed since then it is very sensible to identify the present trends in education and put enough emphasis on them and provide the right kind of education, they need to succeed in an increasing borderless world.

Today we live in a techno centric society. A significant transformation in the system of education has come with the introduction of information technology and computer literacy. Therefore, in future when one talks of literacy, it will obviously be computer literacy. Keeping with these trends in mind,our computer unit is being developed as far as existing resources allow. In the chaotic world of rapid changes and information overflow, our students have to be strong on theory and analytical competence. As the Principal of Newstead Girls’ College, I will be pleased to discuss with anyone, or any organisation, ways in which they could support to establish an information technology centre which will ensure maximum benefits to our students.

Until and unless this goal is met, we will not be able to guide our students to greater heights of academic excellence and prestige. A good knowledge in information technology and computer will enable our students to thrive in competitive international environments and become true citizens of this world.

I firmly believe that our actions today will have a significant impact on our students’ future. With the blessings of Almighty God and the dedication of all teachers, parents, past pupils, students and well-wishers and quite confident that I would gain strength and wisdom to achieve our future aspirations and preserve theprestige and reputation that our college havealready won.

Let more beyond be the outward and the visible sign of all Newstedites.

Captain H. M. G. P. Herath