Newstead College has a Prefects guild (about 100) endowed with a very high level of leadership quality. There is also a Senior prefects committee under Mrs. Mala Somanayake, a Junior Prefects Committee under Mrs.RukminiAmarasinghe and a Leader committee under Mrs.SriyaniPerera, Out of there students committees, Senior students committee has the highest responsibility.

Normally, Senior Prefects committee is to between 20 and 25 and a Junior Prefects guild also include about 30 – 35 prefects guild also concerts of about fifty student selected from grade eleven.

In the month of January every year, a new prefect’s committee is appricited. The period of work of this committee ends in December.

All the significant events of the school are organized successfully due to the co-operation of the prefects

committee. HasaniGunasekara is the Head Prefect, and sulakshana Fernando is the Deputy Head Prefect for 2013. Prefect’s guild work under the Suprevision of the Principal and Deputy Principlas.

Prefects day was held for the first time in 2010. The debating competition for the award of Robert Newstead Debating Challenge Trophy was in augurated in 2011 by the S enior Prefects. In 2017, Senior Prefects organized “Charandas Stage Play; and in 2013m they the school web site.