Western Band

The Newstead Brass Band was started as the School Western Band in 2006 under the guidance of Principal Mrs. BimbaMaheshiWeerasooriya and Mrs.VasanaPrasangika as the Teacher-in-charge. The band was 1st led by LeyanviMirando and Marina Madurawala and was trained by Mrs.VasanaPrasangika and Mr. Shigeru Akimoto.

During the period of 2006-2008, Newstead Western Band performed at Maris Sintonio 2 – by MaristellaCollegeRhapsody in brass 4 – by Ave Maria Convent. In 2008, it took part in the All Island British Competition and won the Gold Medal also with the championship. After LeyanviMirando, KusanaJavahir was appointed as the 2nd BandLeader.

The 1st Band Show “FERMATA” was organized by Newstead Girls’ College Western Band under the leadership of KusanaJavahir.

Fermata- 1 went on with the participation of 8 invited schools. It was featured on “Youth firs” Sirasa TV Derana “Iraj show”. In the year 2010, the band was taken by Minuri Fernando. The band continued by taking part in the British Federation competition 2010 becoming a silver medallist and also participated in the Ministry competitions and Loyolian Rhythm Fiesta-2 by Loyola College, Maris Sinfonia-3 by Maris Stella College. The band Performed at the provincial Athletic Meet 2010 at Sugathadasa Stadium. In 2011 RansalaWilliam who took over the band the 2nd Band Show Fermata-2 oranized by NGC school Western band with the participation of 18 invited schools. The band performed at Phapsody in brass 5 by Ave Maria Convent, Dominio Del Mariyan’s En Latoon by St. Mary’s CollegeChilaw, The band participated in the All Island British Federation Competitions and Brass band won the Gold Medal and became the All Island Best School Bank and the percussion band won the Super Gold Medal became the All Island Best Band on the year, The band also performed at the closing ceremony of All Island school games 2012 held at HomagamaDiyagamaMahindaRajapaksha stadium. SaviniNuwanthika and Rebecca Fernandopulle who took over the band after Ransala William in 2013 The band performed at Dominio Del mariyan’s En Latoon Organized by the Senior Western Band of St. Mary’s College, Chilaw.